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Our Programs



Early childhood education and development is critically important. Our teachers are constantly communicating with your infant to help them make sense of sounds and speech patterns. We create a safe and secure environment by providing warm, nurturing , personalized care and responding to your infant’s signals. Our teachers assist your infant’s physical development through tasks that improve coordination, accuracy and balance.



Toddlers are typically active, learning, and busy, easily engaged and eager to explore and discover the world around them . At this age group they will start learning concepts such as their colors, shapes, letters and counting. In our program each day is full of engaging songs, stories, art and playing time. Our team at Daisy’s childcare is able to help our toddlers grow confidently and comfortably.



The Preschool program promotes learning in all areas of development through individualized, small, and large group activities.Through play, children enhance their understanding of language, literacy, reading, math and science concepts, problem solving and social skills, as well as improving their gross and fine motor development.


We strive to provide a comprehensive before and after school program that keeps children safe and helps them succeed in their studies and in life. Daisy’s childcare center offers a structured balance of academic, social and recreational after school activities for children in kindergarten through eight grade.


Physical Play

Playgrounds provide an excellent opportunity for outdoor physical activity for preschoolers and young children. Kids will have fun, expend energy, and develop their gross and fine motor skills all at once. On a playground, they can climb, jump, and swing while having fun with their friends.

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